Are There any Solutions to Youth Unemployment?

Recent news suggested that the number of young people in the UK out of work and not in education or training has risen to one in five. This is a shocking statistic, and needs serious thinking about. But at the same time the government scrapped the one scheme, the Future Job Fund, that was available as a stepping stone to the younger generation. Perhaps we need to find some solution to the problem which doesn’t include the word “benefits”.

If it were the older generation being shafted in favour of the youth then there would be a national outcry because it would be seen as direct discrimination and therefore ageism. But because it’s positive discrimination, an oxymoron if I ever heard one, in favour of those who could be seen as past it then there is no backlash, no outcry. Just a generation slowly losing hope and despairing of ever being a useful part of society. A generation that is gradually growing used to living off the state. The lost generation.

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